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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Go the FLECK To Sleep ...(Please)

See this face? Looks like an angel doesn't she!? But do you know what we've gone through in order to get her to reach this blissful state? DO YOU!? Our nightly sleep routine is officially making me crazy. Night after night, it's like someone sounds a magic trumpet and the two tired, irritable souls who roam the hallways in full whinge mode between 4-7pm suddenly come to life like feral night cats. Apparently, it's party time and we're all invited!

Our nightly repertoire usually commences with such favourites as "Mum! I need water!" followed two minutes later by "I (think) I need the toilet" (for the twelfth time). Then there's the "I'm hot - I need my fan" or "I'm cold I need a blanket" and let's not forget last night's classic, "Mum! I need to tell you that I've learned to click my fingers!!!! Can you hear that?? I'm doing it!!" Snap, snap, snap. Truthfully, I can't work out if it's her fingers making the sound, or my unusually tense shoulder tendons coming undone, one by one.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Overthinkers Anonymous - Meeting In Progress

IMAGE : PINTEREST | Overthinkers Anon.
I have recently come to realise that I'm a chronic overthinker.

I think, then I worry, then I stress, then I internalise. I hang onto things for as long as I possibly can, wringing every troublesome detail out of my initial thought. Mostly I do my worrying at night.  Sometimes, when there are many trivial thoughts to process, I finally get a little sleep just as the birds start to make their 5.00am noises alerting the 'normal' people that it's time to arise from their blissful, non-thinking slumber. (This actually goes a long way in explaining my unconditional love of morning caffeine). It often begins with one little thing that happened that day. How did my day go? How did I treat other people generally or how was I perceived? Perhaps I said something to someone which could somehow possibly be misconstrued? Did I overstep a boundary? Or perhaps I've forgotten some minor detail about an up and coming school project or dance rehearsal? God forbid.