Sunday, June 30, 2013

Voices Of 2013 - A Masterclass In Fulfilling A Goal

 IMAGE : THE MOTHER LOAD | Voices Of 2013
You may or may not have gathered, but I am very much a routine kind of gal, who generally sticks to a well-considered plan and regardless of my life's predictable path, I tend to overthink everything.  I don't easily try new things or step out of my comfort zone regularly, so I'm especially pleased to announce that I did something completely out of the ordinary this weekend. Yay me! (Save your applause). On Saturday, I attended the Voices Of 2013 Blogger's Masterclass in Melbourne. (Okay, it's not bungee jumping or sky-diving, but can we just celebrate small steps please?).

Let it be said, that there's nothing more valuable than being surrounded and educated by like-minded people who are reaching (or have reached) their writing goals and who have great wisdom to share about how I can reach mine.

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Day With O.N.J..

IMAGE : O.N.J FAN WEB | The Day With O.N.J
When I was growing up, it wasn't particularly unusual for me to cross paths with reasonably well - known celebrity types; in fact some of them were regular members of my childhood. At the time, I thought nothing of Guy Pearce appearing on our doorstep, of Dad being away on tour with ABBA or performing with his mate Sammy Davis Jr., or indeed of a phone call from 'Johnny' Farnham (don't judge me please - it was 1980).  I attended my fair share of big name concerts as a shy underage V.I.P and watched on TV as Dad bowed before Prince Charles and 'Lady Di' after the 1983 Gala Concert in Australia. I guess looking back that was pretty special although its significance was somewhat missed on me back then.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Harrison Saves The World...

IMAGE : MORGUEFILE.COM | Harrison Saves The World
I watched The Voice Australia finale last night and I grinned like an idiot all the way through. I grinned, I said "bless" more than once and I teared up at the end when Seal gave his proud fatherly speech to his newly adopted fifth child, Harrison Craig. Let it be said that tearing up during a reality TV program is not something I usually do, nor easily admit to, but COME ON! It was Harrison, with his little stutter, constant smile of gratitude and his big voice! After such the ridiculous cacophony of bad behaviour displayed mostly by men this week wasn't it nice to see such a lovely, humble, courteous little fella from Melbourne who adores his Mum and Brother take out the prize? C'mon, say it with me. Bless!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

To Hell In A Hand Basket : A Week In The Politics Of Being A Woman

IMAGE : MORGUEFILE.COM | To Hell In A Hand Basket
Let's just agree now that political commentary is not my thing. It's not something that I usually have strong opinions about (despite the fact that I do quite enjoy 'Q and A' on the ABC and feel VERY grown up when I watch it). So while I won't be making a habit of sharing my views pre-2013 federal election, I do want to acknowledge this particularly grotesque chapter in our political history which has seen one portion of the population celebrating the fact that we have our first female Prime Minister while the other portion works tirelessly to embarrass and humiliate her at every opportunity,  usually using her gender as their vehicle. I don't write this to attract anyone's views on Julia Gillard as a Prime Minister - if that's your response then either I haven't been concise or perhaps you've missed the point entirely. I simply wish to state that this week in particular, Australia has taken a turn for the worst and although I feel proud of the country I live in, I feel a huge sense of disappointment and faithlessness in the people who are meant to call themselves prospective leaders, or objective media messengers.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Overthinkers Anonymous - Meeting In Progress

IMAGE : PINTEREST | Overthinkers Anon.
I have recently come to realise that I'm a chronic overthinker.

I think, then I worry, then I stress, then I internalise. I hang onto things for as long as I possibly can, wringing every troublesome detail out of my initial thought. Mostly I do my worrying at night.  Sometimes, when there are many trivial thoughts to process, I finally get a little sleep just as the birds start to make their 5.00am noises alerting the 'normal' people that it's time to arise from their blissful, non-thinking slumber. (This actually goes a long way in explaining my unconditional love of morning caffeine). It often begins with one little thing that happened that day. How did my day go? How did I treat other people generally or how was I perceived? Perhaps I said something to someone which could somehow possibly be misconstrued? Did I overstep a boundary? Or perhaps I've forgotten some minor detail about an up and coming school project or dance rehearsal? God forbid.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Your Natural Calling (A Tale Of Career Confusion)..

IMAGE : MORGUEFILE.COM | Your Natural Calling (Career Confusion)

Do you ever feel as though you've missed your natural calling? Is the career that you're in, something you kinda fell into, seemed to be pretty good at, but not necessarily the thing that lights your fire? Do you often have the 'what if' conversation with yourself about the choices you made when you were at the beginning of the career crossroad? I do. Since having kids, I've given a great deal of thought to this because quite a bit of re-assessment happens if or when you decide to return to work as a parent.