Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ten Things About Me

IMAGE : THE MOTHER LOAD | Ten Things About Me
Hey! I want to write and write but there's literally nothing happening in my life worth sharing this week. Nothing, I tells ya. Do you have 'bell jar' weeks like that? Literally, NOT ONE THING about me is interesting right now. So, in the spirit of the Instagram hashtag #tenthingsaboutme, I'm sharing some bits and pieces about myself that most people don't know. Here goes. 


1. I'm an only child. It's cool though, I'm not a spoilt brat and I'm only a little bit dysfunctional. I like to think that my folks perfected the whole parenting thing the first time and didn't need to have a second crack at it. And, unlike most other only children, I never ever wished for a sibling. That's pretty weird now that I have two kids who can't function without each other, nonetheless, I'm still okay about it just being me.  Incidentally, my parents met in 1972, I was born in 1973 and they were married in 1974. Do the math. Yup, just call me Spawn of Satan - it wouldn't be the first time. Those crazy 70s.

2. I did a music degree at university, completed eight years of classical singing exams, and I sang in a band throughout my uni days. Just don't ask me to sing if you know me - I simply WILL NOT do it and it'll be much better for your opinion of me if I don't.

3. I have Hashimotos Disease which is an auto immune issue associated with a very lazy, sluggish thyroid. So annoying. Always. So. Tired. *bangs head on keyboard*. And the hair loss! I can't believe I'm not completely bald or at least looking like one of those featherless galahs by now.

4. In 1989, I was one of the kids who ran out onto the MCG in the half time "entertainment spectacular" at the legendary Hawthorn/ Geelong AFL Grand Final. I know. Jazz hands and all that. We pitched for the Melbourne Olympics that year and in the spirit of the pitch, we had to wear tiny, green and yellow bike shorts with white Dunlop Volleys. Nuff said. Clearly, someone in the costume department was havin' a laff. It was pretty epic though. And for the record, it's no mean feat running from one end of the MCG to the other doing a step-ball-change move in Dunlop Volleys while carrying giant flag! Just sayin'.

5. I had my 8th birthday on the set of the Don Lane Show where my Dad was the musical director. At the end of the show, the crew brought in a cake and sang Happy Birthday. I was equal parts mortified and thrilled especially given Ita Buttrose was one of the guests that night and she sang to me too. Hands up who can say that Ita was at their 8th Birthday?! Eh? Thought not. (Unless of course you're one of Ita's own children but surely you get my point).

6. For a period of time in my tween years, I was a bit of a horse nut and I rode in some hoity-toity dressage championships at the Royal Showgrounds. I wore a wig, a blazer, cream jodhpurs and long shiny black boots and I did okay for a late starter, scoring a few fancy rosettes. Sadly my riding career was not to be, as we moved far away from Melbourne and from my beloved riding teacher when I was thirteen. I certainly enjoyed it for a time, but it clearly wasn't a long term passion.

7. Despite not being an academically strong student, I somehow scored an A+ in my final HSC/ VCE English exam. I know! Imagine my surprise (and that of my parents!). Truthfully, I thought I'd totally buggered that one up, along with all the rest of them. Turns out I DID bugger the rest of them up a bit, just not that one. Goes to show you never can tell, kids.

8. My Grandmother was completely blind and had both legs amputated due to diabetes. She sat in a chair all day, and I often sat with her and we played 'Eye Spy' (I know! The irony!) because I spent a lot of time with my grandparents when I was young. I loved it. She would always say, "come here - I want to feel you" and she'd feel my face, arms and my tummy to check if I was wearing a singlet in the cool weather. I guess blind people build their picture of you with the touchy feely hands, especially when you're an adored kid who's growing and changing all the time. I never thought twice about my regular pat down - it was all part of our usual greeting. Her name was Queenie Elizabeth. No, I'm not kidding. And she was the best, as was my Grandfather.

9. I overthink EVERYTHING. Actually, if you've read anything here on the blog you already know that, but seriously, I hardly sleep for the multitude of thoughts that go round in my head. And I beat myself up ALL THE TIME because I don't think I'm doing enough about being a better person. Maybe I am, maybe I'm not, but I overthink it constantly. Yay for the crazy, manic brain at 3am!

10. I love my girls so much it actually hurts. I'm not even close to being a perfect parent but I've realised lately that I'm doing the best I can and that's enough.  So far, nobody has knocked out any teeth, no one has stuck a middle finger up at me or asked to move to their grandmother's so the child-rearing caper is working out okay for now. So much love and yet so much to worry about! Am I right? 

That's ten already? Well then, in the spirit of completing the hashtag as required, I now tag you! Leave a comment below if you want to share something that most people don't know about you. (I'm already trembling with anticipation!).


  1. I remember you singing in some final year function at high school, Mo, and you were incredible! I also remember the 1989 Grand Final well, as I was fishing at Lake Eucumbene (spelling?) with uncle and we had to listen to the GF on the radio. I never knew AFL could be so exciting on the radio! But I never knew you were running around out there at half time. Why didn't I know this?!!

    Regarding your point 9, did you read my recent facebook post about my new philosophy I came up with while sitting on the toilet? Despite that sounding a very unappealing invite to read something, I think you might get something out of it... ;)

    1. Aww..thanks Bern. Nice comment. I'm super-late on the reply button but glad I re-visited to discover your kind words.

  2. Do you want to share that generations much loved dogs have been your constant companions since you were born?
    You speak WOOF as a second language
    Just as you love your girls so much it hurts, you mother and your two FGM's feel the same way about you and your girls (BONUS love)
    This FGM just loves the fact that your blogs are such a credit to your grasp of the English language!
    And more, and more.......

    1. FGM! Thank you for such a lovely comment. Much love back to you. xxx