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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Voices Of 2013 - A Masterclass In Fulfilling A Goal

 IMAGE : THE MOTHER LOAD | Voices Of 2013
You may or may not have gathered, but I am very much a routine kind of gal, who generally sticks to a well-considered plan and regardless of my life's predictable path, I tend to overthink everything.  I don't easily try new things or step out of my comfort zone regularly, so I'm especially pleased to announce that I did something completely out of the ordinary this weekend. Yay me! (Save your applause). On Saturday, I attended the Voices Of 2013 Blogger's Masterclass in Melbourne. (Okay, it's not bungee jumping or sky-diving, but can we just celebrate small steps please?).

Let it be said, that there's nothing more valuable than being surrounded and educated by like-minded people who are reaching (or have reached) their writing goals and who have great wisdom to share about how I can reach mine.