Friday, August 23, 2013

I Wonder How The Mothers Of Syria Slept Last Night?

I went to sleep last night feeling especially shell-shocked and shaken up by the images broadcast from the latest alleged atrocity in Syria. These days, we are so conditioned to see things that disturb us that often news pictures simply go straight to the part of our brain that holds stuff we've seen on CSI; stuff that we process as almost fictitious and fabricated with makeup and special effects. Last night though, as I watched vision of young children writhing and gasping for their last breath as victims of an alleged gas attack, it was simply too much to bear as a parent, and as a human being. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Beat Goes On - The Ultimate Gift Of Life...

IMAGE :THE MOTHER LOAD | The Best Goes On - The Ultimate Gift Of Life

Today, I'm giving a bit of thought to the notion of organ donation. I know I've discussed it briefly in the past here The Lingering Lessons From Great Ormond Street but the subject has re-presented itself this week with the sudden passing of a family member who followed through with his pledge to be an organ donor.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

One Door Shuts, Another Opens....Five Years Today!

IMAGE : THE MOTHER LOAD  | Five Years Today
This little person turns five today (bless her little cotton socks). She's equal parts awesome and eccentric, with a generous dash of off-the-wall crazy and although I know I'm totally in for it in about eight years time, I love all of her individuality, spark and bullishness (keep an eye out for future posts that completely contradict this).

So does that mean I'm officially leaving the pre-school parenting phase?? Holy Crap. (or "Oh My Giddy Aunt" as the birthday girl pictured right, says when caught by surprise). That is actually pretty significant to someone who knows there are no more children on the horizon and if I really think about it, the idea of this fills me which much more joy looking forward than it does sadness as I leave the last of that phase behind. I loved having babies and the roller coaster ride of having toddlers was mostly pain free. Having said that, today I celebrate both of my kids having a little more independence and a slightly more self- sufficient routine that gives me a little (Goddamn) freedom. 

Happy Birthday to the cheekiest monkey in town. May the next phase of your life be filled with the joys of growing up, learning your ABCs, sharing my love of the written word and most importantly learning the art of friendship. (And may the next phase of MY life be filled with the ability to attend a doctor's appointment or a leg wax without the 'mouth from the south' in attendance).  Woop!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy International 'WTF' Day.......!

So I've labelled today 'International WTF Day'. Anyone else celebrating it with me? We put most of this in the first world problem category but here's how it's been so far (and it's only 2.00pm).

Miss A has been home for three days generally coughing and spluttering and insisting that all of my usual work attention be directed to her instead (today being no exception). Totally fine, I can cope with that. I can also cope with the 9am phone call from Miss O who's at school but feeling equally as unwell and therefore needs to be collected. Again, fine. Whatever. In the car, pull up at school, chuck her in and we're done there for the week.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Watch This! (TV Is Good Sometimes) ...

IMAGE : WIKIPEDIA.ORG | Watch This! (TV is Good Sometimes)
Who else is LOVING The Time Of Our Lives on the ABC at the moment? It's so nice to have an Australian series that doesn't make you cringe with unrealistic storylines and cliche, one dimensional actors - these cast members complement each other brilliantly and there's such a mix of old and new faces, all of whom meet the incredible standard of the most experienced players. I have a particular affection for the characters played by Stephen Curry and Shane Jacobson who have the wonderful combination of comedy and mateship seamlessly present within their relationship. Hats off also to Justine Clarke and Claudia Karvan, personifying all the stuff that women and mothers wrestle with in our real, everyday lives. Thank you Amanda Higgs and Judi McCrossin - you ladies really know how to connect with an audience. I read somewhere that The Time Of Our Lives is like The Secret Life Of Us for 'grown ups' which really rings true and I'm lucky to have been able to appreciate both of these extraordinary series' in two relevant 'times of my life'. (I'm obviously fortunate enough to be in the 'bullseye' of their target audience).

So watch it! It's totally worthy. Catch up on ABC iView or Sunday nights, 8.30pm AEST.

(Offspring, I'm not cheating on you, I'm just dabbling in an open relationship).