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My name is Sophie and I'm a TV producer, social media specialist, writer and mum to two high maintenance gals known here as Miss O and Miss A. In 2010 I started this blog as a form of self - therapy; being a mum is hard and I felt that all the lessons I've learned and indeed the ones I continue to learn along the way, may be a little useful to others (or at the very least provide some amusing distraction).  We follow our own instincts as parents - it's what we're programmed to do but there's nothing better than hearing from someone else that they've experienced similar challenges, made similar mistakes, or just survived the parenting day from hell (!) in order to feel satisfied that you're getting most things right.

As a TV producer, my career was my driving force until 2003 when Miss O came screaming into the world. I took over a year off in order to give the parenting gig my best shot (and to this day I'm not even sure my 'best' is what I should call it) but I returned to work in a part time capacity when she was eighteen months old. The working mum juggle can be really hard. All the conditions have to be just right for it to fit and thankfully for a time, it did although you can read in a couple of my blog posts that the struggle for good childcare, career satisfaction and motherhood is an ongoing one (Employment, Childcare And The Ultimate In Mother Guilt).

Miss A came along in 2008 and after another shot at improving my parenting skills on guinea pig number two, I found myself in the situation of needing to work for my own sanity but truly fearing a return to the all-consuming full time world of film and TV. So, for a time I tried something completely different and much more family friendly which although didn't have the shine and glamour of TV land, provided me with job satisfaction and the ability to take my kids to school everyday, run a household and earn a little money along the way (read about it here Your Natural Calling - A Tale Of Career Confusion).

These days, I am a freelance consultant and writer with a passion for social media. I'm fortunate enough to kinda get paid for it so I have a little time to fulfil my need to be a total 'oversharer' here at The Mother Load.

Thanks for reading and feel free to contact me at sophie(at)themotherload.com.au or better still, leave a comment about a post you've read. I'd love to hear from you. 

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