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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Harrison Saves The World...

IMAGE : MORGUEFILE.COM | Harrison Saves The World
I watched The Voice Australia finale last night and I grinned like an idiot all the way through. I grinned, I said "bless" more than once and I teared up at the end when Seal gave his proud fatherly speech to his newly adopted fifth child, Harrison Craig. Let it be said that tearing up during a reality TV program is not something I usually do, nor easily admit to, but COME ON! It was Harrison, with his little stutter, constant smile of gratitude and his big voice! After such the ridiculous cacophony of bad behaviour displayed mostly by men this week wasn't it nice to see such a lovely, humble, courteous little fella from Melbourne who adores his Mum and Brother take out the prize? C'mon, say it with me. Bless!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

To Hell In A Hand Basket : A Week In The Politics Of Being A Woman

IMAGE : MORGUEFILE.COM | To Hell In A Hand Basket
Let's just agree now that political commentary is not my thing. It's not something that I usually have strong opinions about (despite the fact that I do quite enjoy 'Q and A' on the ABC and feel VERY grown up when I watch it). So while I won't be making a habit of sharing my views pre-2013 federal election, I do want to acknowledge this particularly grotesque chapter in our political history which has seen one portion of the population celebrating the fact that we have our first female Prime Minister while the other portion works tirelessly to embarrass and humiliate her at every opportunity,  usually using her gender as their vehicle. I don't write this to attract anyone's views on Julia Gillard as a Prime Minister - if that's your response then either I haven't been concise or perhaps you've missed the point entirely. I simply wish to state that this week in particular, Australia has taken a turn for the worst and although I feel proud of the country I live in, I feel a huge sense of disappointment and faithlessness in the people who are meant to call themselves prospective leaders, or objective media messengers.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tales Of Public Humiliation (Parenting 101)

IMAGE : THE MOTHER LOAD | Tales Of Public Humiliation

I was reading an article recently about the most embarrassing moments people have experienced with their kids and the more I read, the more I found myself scoffing at the stories, knowing that if there had been a competition my four year old would have won in outstanding fashion.