Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Harrison Saves The World...

IMAGE : MORGUEFILE.COM | Harrison Saves The World
I watched The Voice Australia finale last night and I grinned like an idiot all the way through. I grinned, I said "bless" more than once and I teared up at the end when Seal gave his proud fatherly speech to his newly adopted fifth child, Harrison Craig. Let it be said that tearing up during a reality TV program is not something I usually do, nor easily admit to, but COME ON! It was Harrison, with his little stutter, constant smile of gratitude and his big voice! After such the ridiculous cacophony of bad behaviour displayed mostly by men this week wasn't it nice to see such a lovely, humble, courteous little fella from Melbourne who adores his Mum and Brother take out the prize? C'mon, say it with me. Bless!

With the Howard Sattlers and the Charles Saatchis of this world dominating the headlines this week, it easy to lose our gauge on how the younger generation is being mentored by their older counterparts who use humiliation and degradation as their tools to get what they want. We all assume that the Nigella Lawson's perfect life of roast chicken and orzo is a fine, aspirational representation of us all and then we see photos of her being physically assaulted by her husband in a crowded restaurant where there are cameras present?  What's going on behind closed doors in Nigella's "perfect" world then? And we hear again from the recently sacked radio shock jock Howard Sattler whining about all the other badly behaved male radio personalities who weren't sacked despite their appalling misogynistic behaviour. Yes, I'd forgotten about the Kyle Sandilands' and Alan Jones' of this world - that makes me feel sooo much better, Mr. Sattler. Perhaps we all owe you an apology because most certainly if we compare all the bad behaviour against each other, one becomes more acceptable than the next doesn't it?! Not from where I stand.

And then along comes young Harrison to remind us that perhaps there is a young generation of men who have just the right balance of humility and courtesy to set our minds at ease. Nice one, Harrison. You were voted number one not just because of your exceptional voice or your teen - idol cuteness, but also because of the 'good' that you so humbly represent this week.