Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Watch This! (TV Is Good Sometimes) ...

IMAGE : WIKIPEDIA.ORG | Watch This! (TV is Good Sometimes)
Who else is LOVING The Time Of Our Lives on the ABC at the moment? It's so nice to have an Australian series that doesn't make you cringe with unrealistic storylines and cliche, one dimensional actors - these cast members complement each other brilliantly and there's such a mix of old and new faces, all of whom meet the incredible standard of the most experienced players. I have a particular affection for the characters played by Stephen Curry and Shane Jacobson who have the wonderful combination of comedy and mateship seamlessly present within their relationship. Hats off also to Justine Clarke and Claudia Karvan, personifying all the stuff that women and mothers wrestle with in our real, everyday lives. Thank you Amanda Higgs and Judi McCrossin - you ladies really know how to connect with an audience. I read somewhere that The Time Of Our Lives is like The Secret Life Of Us for 'grown ups' which really rings true and I'm lucky to have been able to appreciate both of these extraordinary series' in two relevant 'times of my life'. (I'm obviously fortunate enough to be in the 'bullseye' of their target audience).

So watch it! It's totally worthy. Catch up on ABC iView or Sunday nights, 8.30pm AEST.

(Offspring, I'm not cheating on you, I'm just dabbling in an open relationship).


  1. Oh god yes - I am loving this show!

    But just to put my critical hat on for a minute - do you not think the dialogue is sometimes a tad cliche?

    I don't blame the writers for this, probably lack of time (read: money) and personnel (read: money) are at the heart of it.

    It's fortunate that the great plotlines and amazing cast carry it so well and (mostly) smooth over the (occasional) clunkiness.

    But overall, yes, fab.

    1. Totally get what you're saying, OSL. I think my 'clunkiness' radar might be a little broken because I think the script sits somewhere between good scriptwriting and the 'clunkiness' of real life. I think perhaps I'd notice it more if the actors weren't such a good breed! Particularly enjoying William McInnes' cool dry father type character at the moment; I find him hard to watch which makes his acting so good. :)

      It's so nice when Australian drama works!