Monday, December 2, 2013

Making A List, Checking It Twice - 2014 Resolutions

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I've come to realise that I'm a big fan of setting goals and resolutions.

In fact, I'm SUCH a fan that often the setting of the goal gives me more satisfaction than actually reaching it (yep, I'm weird but I'm thinking that perhaps you should have realised that by now?).  So that being said, I've decided I'm going to give the whole New Years' resolution thing a bit of a run up this year. Currently, it's the first week in December and I figure that's more than enough time for me to set decent realistic resolutions that aren't made in painful shoes, with a gullet of champagne on board, five minutes before midnight clicks over into the New Year. 

2014! I love an even number and I think it's shaping up to being a decent year ahead. Two kids at school (insert stupid running man dance here!), a balanced amount of paid work and this lovely creative outlet known as The Mother Load which I'm now halfway comfortable with and that provides me with a healthy degree of enjoyment and fulfilment regularly. So herein lies the list of goals I'm thinking are achievable and worthy in 2014:

I'm not going to lie - my first personal goal always revolves around some kind of physical change but somehow I suspect I'm not alone there - am I right? So my goal is to continue the work I've only just begun at the gym. Several times this year I successfully talked myself out of joining the local gym for many and varied bullshit reasons. Sometime last month, I acknowledged the said bullshit and joined despite myself. I'm loving it and I intend to push myself to keep it up despite the impediment of a summer break and a big fat Christmas lunching period on the horizon. Fingers crossed on this one.

So this is the really important one and although it may seem a little contrite to be making resolutions for my kids on their behalf, it's really more of a parenting resolution. In a nutshell, I need to decrease the amount of device and screen time they're having when it's not related to homework. This has become my mantra lately but I can't really gauge if I'm pushing for this one hard enough day to day.  I suspect I'm not so that being said, I need to get them away from the devices they seem to be slowly relying upon for entertainment and we need to talk, play and read together more often. We need to laugh and joke more too; where has all the fun gone? Let's bring back a little fun. Yep, that's an important one.

The Blog
Keep writing. Simple. I want to keep that promise I made to myself way back when, as I never expected to get such enjoyment from this now-not-so-private side project that began in January 2010. I would love to see my audience continue to grow but in saying that, I want to get more polished at presenting the blog and its content. If you build it, they will come! I see The Mother Load as part of my 'job' now and as long as I'm in this type of creative self-employment, I hope to make large improvements in the coming twelve months.

Truth be told, there are other more personal resolutions and therefore the list is pretty long for 2014. As usual though, a couple of goals may be conveniently abandoned as they are most years (the daily blog post Julia Child's-style and the twelve pre-booked waxing appointments are already looking a little shaky!) Nonetheless, I've shared a few and therefore feel a little more accountable to myself.

How about you? Any resolutions you want to declare? How about you nominate 'sharing a resolution on a blog' as your first...? *wink*

Either way, here's to any goals or resolutions that you have achieved in 2013 and may next year's be even more satisfying.


  1. Oh man, I haven't even thought about resolutions/2014 yet. Only just starting to think about Christmas!!!!

  2. All year I have been setting goals and I love hitting them. Still have a couple of working on and some new ones I'm just about game enough to say outloud! Congratulations on joining the gym and turning up.

  3. I too love setting goals and even numbers! My blog is a big part of my goal setting and (hopefully) reaching.

  4. I think I need to spend less time on log, sadly, so I can focus more on my paid writing work. Maybe getting more clients, although I am busy enough. But it's hard as I love writing about what I want, not what my newspaper editor does :(

  5. All the best with your resolutions. Mine this year was to eat a salad a day. I failed by the end of the first week. I also joined a gym, and went 3 times! Glad to hear you're loving your gym though!