Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Byte For A Bite - How's YOUR Week Been?

Hello Melbourne, I see your weird and freaky weather is back for another season? I'd say welcome but I'm currently busy removing the thermal puffer jacket to reveal further unnecessary layers of clothing that require urgent disposal whilst madly trying to apply 50+ now that the sun is suddenly searing my face. 

What's happening in your world this week? I'm feeling chatty today; chatty in a desperate need to be distracted from work kinda way which means that when I launch into 'Mother Load' mode and away from 'work' mode, my pay packet decreases considerably (read as entirely). Still, here I am - perhaps I'll endeavour to re-arrange my priorities next week.

So if you follow The Mother Load on Facebook (which you should incidentally - right here) you'll know that on the weekend my other half dedicated his Saturday to assisting my sick mother in preparing her house and garden for its impending auction. He was like a knight in shining armour and I promptly sung his praises on FB because that's what I do and that's how we show appreciation in this modern age (apparently). What I didn't mention was the while he was being a total warrior in the garden he was randomly attacked by a swarm of wasps angrier than Gina Rinehart's kids and was bitten a dozen or so times. Where the hell is good karma when you need it??? You do the right thing and then WHAM - try this very full and angry wasp's nest on for size! Anyway, needless to say there's a lot of itching, redness and Stingose being thrown around our place this week. Might be nice to have a decent sleep sometime soon too. Just sayin'.

We're in the second last week of term (which is insane?!) and this week, to escape the monotony spelled out in my last post, I've laughed in the face of our bank balance and booked a little family trip to sunnier climes. Our kids have had one (awesome) weekend in Sydney and a few days in Queensland since Miss A was born six years ago so I figured it was time for them to see what this family holiday business was all about. Let's not open up the debate, but exciting trips away are what we've sacrificed for private schooling - for us something's gotta give and trips that require aeroplane rides are somewhat scarce. No biggie, but it's time for a break and my kids are using the phrase "best ever Mum" a lot so I'm dining out on that for now. That, and I'm totally using the removal of said holiday for the purposes of bribery which should buy me a couple more weeks of reasonable behaviour. Optimistic, I know. 

Enjoy your week and wherever possible, avoid helping others. It seems to end in a multitude of angry bites and the annoying white residue of Stingose.

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