Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Para'Kito - Au Revoir, Moustique! (French for Later, Mozzie)


FREE PRODUCT REVIEW: Does anyone else have kids who are so attractive to mosquitoes that they resemble victims of the Ebola virus after an evening outside during summer? I do. They blow up like a couple of puffer fish, scratch themselves stupid until we've bled, cried and 'tantrumed' our way to recovery (me included). If I dare lather them in the usual chemical repellents to prevent the bites in first place, I'm fairly confident that it's their constant sneezing and loud whingeing about the smell that deters the mozzies and not the repellent itself.

Recently, I was sent a sample product of a new, all-natural repellent known as Para'Kito. My usual spiel to sample companies is that I will only write about their product if a) it's relevant to my audience and b) it REALLY works. In this case, I'm quite prepared to rave.  This clever product seems to not only reduce the likelihood of a bite in the first place, but also it reduces the effects of a bite for up to fifteen days. The little pellet that inserts into the wrist/ ankle strap or bag clip is fully waterproof, is made of all natural oils (yep - no chemicals!) and has been specifically designed to focus on Mosquito bites only.

The pellet has a minimal, pleasant aroma and as doesn't touch the skin, it's completely safe for kids and pregnant women. Those clever French people! It's currently the number one product of its kind in Europe and I'm sure it won't be long until Australia catches on especially given a) the size of our 'Aussie Mozzies' and b) the size of the order I'm about to place on behalf of my camping friends (!).

To find out more or to order online, check out their website here: www.au.parakito.com.

This community service announcement brought to you by the mosquito-bait members of my family who are now itch free. Woop!


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