Friday, May 9, 2014

Life And Its Lemons.....

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You know the famous expression, "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade"..? 

Well as it turns out, sometimes life doesn't just hand them to you. Sometimes they are literally hurled at you and often at the most unexpected times. 

Sometimes, you can catch them one by one and immediately engage the appropriate response by simply adding a little positivity and sweetness to create the proverbial lemonade. But at other times, the lemons are really big ones and they come at you like a giant landslide and engulf you because you had your back turned, comfortably believing in your own immunity to such things. I guess we're not immune though, are we? Doesn't matter how much of a fine upstanding citizen we are, no matter how much we consider others, give back to the community or even how many times we politely give way in traffic, the lemons are neither sympathetic nor selective and they can find us at any given moment.

I have a new found disdain for lemons. They are bitter and overpowering and to me they represent challenges that are neither wanted, needed or deserved. When those big lemons hit, it can feel a bit like you're suddenly lugging around an enormous sack of the damn things and no matter how many times you shift the sack awkwardly from one shoulder to the other, you simply can't support its weight and you feel that at any moment your legs may buckle beneath you. Ask anyone who has been there; ask anyone who has been forever changed by a life-altering experience and they'll tell you tales of its real impact. I guess at some time in our lives, that kind of onslaught is inevitable for all of us and yet I'm convinced that the proverbial lemonade can somehow be created in even the worst of circumstances because good people deserve happy endings. In the end their good qualities and positive attitude towards the impact of life's dreaded lemons must definitely count for something. 

Therefore, with our positivity fully engaged, here's to claiming a strong victory over the most difficult of challenges and to reaching the light at the end of the tunnel that can at times, feel really far away.  And here's to also helping those who are currently buried under their own landslide; why not grab their hand and pull them out? If we truly are good people, then we know those big lemons cannot and should not be tackled alone.

For now though, here's to less of the bitter lemons and more of the sweet lemonade from here on.

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