Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Little BUPA Blog Award Stuff.....

IMAGE : THE MOTHER LOAD | A Little BUPA Blog Award Stuff
So in case you missed me spouting off on Facebook last night and as the above title suggests, it appears that The Mother Load has been named as a finalist in the 2014 BUPA Blog Awards! I'm just a little bit excited (but clearly not as excited as Honey here). I don't expect to go all the way given the competition, but recognition is good for the soul, no? Yes! I say yes!

As an aside, it's worth noting that I never win anything. No really. In high school I won a squash racquet and didn't even know about it until I found it in the back of Dad's car two weeks later. When I asked my PE teacher what I'd won it for, he simply threw his head back and laughed riotously at the obvious irony. Yeah, sport wasn't really my thing. Stuff him, though. I may yet take up squash, become a world champ, and smack some fast balls into his windows. Maybe.

Also, last year I attended the BCNA Pink Lunch in support of breast cancer. I won a hamper in the raffle but the announcement and chance to proudly stride up the lectern to accept my prize was at the precise moment I stepped out to use the bathroom. When I returned, the hamper was unceremoniously plonked on my seat. Someone else claimed it on my behalf and I had completely missed my moment.

Regardless of the winning and losing stuff though, this spot in the finals is really unexpected. The BUPA Blog Awards represent health, well-being, social good and family which are all messages that are lovely to be associated with. *slides block of chocolate subtly out of view*. And while it's not about the prizes, admittedly they are pretty awesome for a wannabe writer like me. They include mentoring and the opportunity to produce feature articles in the future. All good stuff I reckon.

So thanks BUPA. I wasn't sure The Mother Load would be your cup of tea. Sometimes I swear. But maybe a little bit of swearing is healthy. (Bloody hope so). And sometimes I'm dysfunctional but maybe admitting that is healthy too? Thanks also to those of you lovely people who have voted to date - you and all your nimble little voting fingers are very much appreciated. (Here's the voting link for anyone who's interested!) Keep the votes coming if you're into it coz we're kinda in this together if I really think about it.

Voting ends November 7th. I'd better go to the bathroom now, so I don't miss anything. 

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