Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Making It Count - An Invitation To A Family Violence Forum

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The world of blogging has exposed me to so many fantastic and varied experiences since I began sharing here​ a few years ago. By far the experience I'm anticipating most is the opportunity to attend a forum hosted by The Nappy Collective on family violence next week, where I will have the chance to hear Australian Of The Year Rosie Batty speak about family violence from the front line and discuss the passionate campaign she has devoted herself to since the tragic death of her son Luke in 2014.

The campaign is reaching out to bloggers in the hope that we can help share the anti family violence message. I feel very privileged to be a part of this and I really want to make the opportunity worthwhile without looking as naive as I probably am on this issue. That being said, I'm interested to hear what you would ask Rosie if you had the chance to speak with her about family violence and the campaign.

What questions would you ask Rosie if you had the chance to sit down with her? 

What would you ask of Det. Supt. Vic Police Rod Jouning who will also be present at the forum? 

What would you like to see happen in the fight against this crisis in your own community?

What do you think is causing the increase in family violence and why are the statistics so high? 

Does the media help or hinder the issue?

What useful words of support would you offer to someone like Rosie who is doing their all to prevent their own story from occurring in other families?

Do you have anything personal to share that may assist the campaign in the fight against family violence? 

Feel free to comment below or email me sophie(at) anytime. Hopefully collectively in some small way, we can assist the anti family violence campaign and see real, positive changes moving forward.

Thanks in advance and stay tuned for more in weeks to come.

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