Friday, May 29, 2015

So - What's Been Happening?

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Hello, Blog. Hi Bloggy Mates. Remember me? We used to hang out together quite a bit. Then I went kinda AWOL. It's nothing personal, I just needed some time away to sort out the real world for a bit. Now I'm back and although we're a little stuck for conversation right now, I'm hoping it'll be just like old times really soon.

What's been happening? Oh! Glad you asked!

So I've got a new job and I'm totally loving it. I'm managing an online community which is a role that is totally made for me after all the time I've spent hanging here with you lot these past years.  I'm two weeks in and I'm smitten. How good is that feeling? You know - the feeling when you start a new job and you know you're just going to love it?! Yeah - that. And furthermore, to score myself another position working from home is like winning the lottery for me. If you get the chance, you should try it. There's usually Ugg boots involved and often your only colleague is a dog who, incidentally, is no good at any work-related tasks and is openly lazy.

Also this week, Mr Mother Load has ventured back out into the workforce as a consultant after a few months off. It's good. No, it's great. He's engaged in his passion once more, and more importantly I have my home office back. Winning! 

In other news, the smallest member of our house has recently joined her first basketball team and she's loving every minute of basically running up and down the court knowing very little about the game she's supposed to be playing. Still, as it turns out, when you're six, people forgive you for that and they actually think it's kinda cute and funny. I reckon she's got about four to six weeks left of the cute factor before people start wondering if she's better off handing out the oranges at half time. Time will tell but for now, jersey number 5 in the Under 9's Sparklers team is happier than a pig in a bog and that's good enough for me.

Miss 11 is now officially half way through year six at school. Just writing that sentence reminds me that time is travelling at warp speed and I'm simply not keeping up. Surely, it was five minutes ago that we were shipping her off to her first day of prep in an over-sized school dress and shiny new shoes? Are her primary years really drawing to a close? As I glance over at the girl balancing precariously between childhood and adulthood trying desperately to be a little more adult than child, I'm reminded that indeed her high school years are just around the corner and that she's preparing to close the door on her childhood for good - and I'm awfully unprepared.  There will be more to write about this as the months tick by this year, I'm sure.

So enough from me - tell me what's happening in your world? Anything amazing? Challenging? Downright bloody awful? I'm pouring the cups of tea as we speak and I'm all ears. 

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