Monday, January 25, 2010

In The Beginning....

IMAGE : THE MOTHER LOAD | In The Beginning

I have a theory that the art of motherhood is a skill best shared between others for the sake of its own betterment. That being said, I certainly don't profess that it's a skill I've even come close to perfecting, despite my continuing best efforts! 

Miss O is six and actually thinks she's fourteen. That's our problem number one and the reason for much of the stuff I will clumsily spill onto this blog in the coming posts! Miss A is eighteen months - what a joyous age. I'd forgotten how much they love you at this age - you can do NO wrong and I'm now keely aware that the pedestal you're on soon decreases in size! But for now, I'm lapping it up.

I think a lot about the life I led before kids - how much free time you had and how easy everything was. I remember after having Miss O (although it was joyous time in my life and one that I was more than ready for) that sudden feeling of powerlessness and almost imprisonment (for want of a better word). No longer did you have the ability to just leave the house on a whim and go for a wander down Chapel St, grab some dinner or catch a movie. Every aspect of your life suddenly needs to be planned and God forbid if you want to leave the child/ren at home, you have to rely upon the generosity of a relative or friend! I hate relying on other people - still do. But you have to get better at it for your own sake and for the sake of your partner. Time away from kids is precious and necessary to appreciate the little devils even more! I'm really only learning that now and I would say that was the one thing I struggled with in the first couple of years of motherhood. Oh yeah, and toddler vomit too, but that's a different story. But when it's all said and done, it's really is hard to remember what it was that kept your heart pumping and swelling before having kids. They fill up the chambers with a never ending supply of love which fuels you through every day - good or bad. Life's purpose becomes clear and the things you did before seem almost silly and pointless. A male friend who is the Father of three teenage kids once told me that having a child is like finding a new room in your house you never knew you had. I totally get that now.

So it's my hope that this blog can be my form of therapy. And if it provides any form of entertainment, bemusement or even answers to the million questions we Mothers may have each day, then I'll consider that a great bonus.

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