Thursday, May 16, 2013


As I enjoy my last few days of my thirties, I'm reflecting upon the many things that have changed within me over the past decade, which I'm sure will go down in my history as my most significant, life-changing and challenging era. If only we had the chance to go back to our younger selves and tell them some home truths about the wisdom you gain as the years peel away. So, in the spirit of being a 39.98 year old, my open letter to myself reads as follows:

Dear Twenty Something Me,

The truth is, it turns out that we DO get wiser as we get older, so don't scoff. Just listen, and try to at least pretend you don't know better. You are about to turn forty and it's a pretty good place to be, all things considered. You're still kinda young at heart but you have a new found sense of knowing who you are; something you're probably still searching for, currently. You learned at a young age to follow your instincts and because of this, you're now reaping the rewards of doing that pretty well. Your Mum taught you that lesson and it turns out she was right about its importance. By the way, always be nice to your Mum - she's one of the best, most supportive friends you could ask for and she quite handy as a Grandparent too. 

You have comfortably shelved that all - important dream career (for now) and your main role in this period is to be the mother of two girls who challenge every ounce of your rigid, highly strung personality but provide a love that has no bounds. Due largely to the perfectionist within you, you get parenting right most of the time but of course not always. Don't stress - they're still alive, still smiling and eating vegetables of their own accord. Just stay constant and it'll work out fine. Be a little more relaxed; regardless of your approach, the outcome will be largely the same.

Stress plays a big role in your late twenties and thirties. Learn to manage it now and you'll probably avoid a wide range of health problems, all stemming from having very little perspective on tricky situations. You will need to make some adjustments to your personality to do this, which is not always recommended, but in the spirit of being a better person, heed this advice and seek help. (Turns out hypnotherapy doesn't cure everything - who knew?). 

Regarding that small waist, flat stomach and reasonably toned legs. Your body is pretty much in its best shape in your twenties, so stop fighting with it. Forty doesn't mean being thin and one day in the future you'll give yourself a break and let go of that constant struggle to be thinner than what you are already. God knows, you get used to the bits that arrive after pregnancy and eventually you'll not only get used to them, you'll actually accept them as a positive reminder of this decade and what you triumphed over, physically. The lumps and bumps are the medals presented to you after you succeed at pushing two humans out of areas that should by rights, remain sacred. Remember this, and enjoy food. It's brilliant. 

Rest assured that by the age of forty, you will have some wonderful friends. Remember to always look after the ones you have now and tell them what they mean to you, even if they're spread all over the world, or completely dysfunctional. Be tolerant in your current age bracket as mostly everyone is wandering around with their eyes shut, bumping into each other (including you).  Enjoy drinking and going out until all hours while you can because as it turns out, it's not really your thing. (Oh and ignore the advice of the doctor who said that you might be an alcoholic, again WRONG - relief!).

Enjoy your thirties. It's a great time and embrace the change. Great things are coming your way and when I touch base again at 49.98, I sure hope I'll be able to say the same thing.

Yours (literally),


So what's the one worldly piece of advice you would have for your twenty - something self?


  1. Dear Twenty Something Self,

    Sleep with that guy you meet in Barcelona. You are a little bit in love with him, you just don't know it. And that boyfriend you are being faithful to? Well, let's just say that monogamy in your twenties is a tad misguided.



  2. Oh One Small Life - where's the LIKE button when you need it?!! xx