Sunday, May 25, 2014

That's A Wrap On Another Mother Of A Week!


It's Sunday - finally. I love a good Sunday.

I'm parked firmly arse-down on the couch today in front of a humming gas log fire while two kids make a well worn path between the TV and the pantry still wearing their standard weekend uniform; pyjamas. It's pretty loose around here on a Sunday when there are no plans. Laziness is generally acceptable, TV is permitted and no one has to brush their hair until evening bath time, me included.

This week was crazy...!

We kicked it off with a most spectacular Monday evening school music concert which left pretty much everyone in the audience initially speechless then punching the air at the progressiveness of our beloved school's music program and its amazingly high standard. Miss O participated in a year five and six choir which performed a piece from Tim Minchin's musical 'Matilda'. How I love seeing her doing all of the same musical things that I did during my school years; I adored doing it then and I adore watching her do it now.

Needless to say, it was a late night for a Monday which always means that everyone needs to be massaged gently through the rest of the week. There are usually a few tired tears, a couple of hormonal meltdowns and general moodiness - and yes, they're mostly from me.  The school week is heavy with commitments and regardless of a late night, these commitments still need to be fulfilled so whatever works on a Sunday to reset the bodies for the following week is pretty much fine by me.

Wednesday was my forty-first birthday. Birthdays are funny as an adult - I'm always totally okay about just letting it skip past quietly but when birthday love from far and wide is received (largely thanks to Facebook) it's easy to feel the excitement of the special day like a kid again. Friends are awesome and so is my Mum for coming over and cooking the family dinner. Props also to Mr Mother Load who very quickly undid my week without carbs thanks to the most spectacular cake ever. (Yes, I chose a bad week to ditch carbs - I concede that point).

Like many other people, on Friday morning I attended a Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea. I never miss this event; it's very close to my heart for many reasons so it's much more than simply about getting together with friends for a coffee (and an evil carb or two). For me, I consider it to be an obligation that requires fulfilling and I'll attend and donate every year if I can.  If you didn't make it to one and you feel generous enough to kick in a few dollars, feel free to follow this link to the Cancer Council's donation website. It'll do you (and many others) a world of good!

Friday was rounded off with a lovely post birthday lunch with some girlfriends - an excellent way to finish a manic week. This has turned into a bit of a tradition for us all when someone has a birthday; lunch, flowers, good conversation and a few laughs. I love this group of girlfriends. I've discussed in the past about the friends you make when your kids start school (you can read about it here) and this group certainly reaffirms how good those friendships can be.  After a lovely lunch, a necessary mid arvo caffeine hit and the final drag to school pick up, I could finally hear the metaphorical high-pitched whirring of the weekday machine slowly winding down as we swapped tunics for pyjamas (again). Needless to say, tired heads hit pillows pretty hard that night.

The other adult in our house is in crazy work mode currently and therefore we're playing the 'ships in the night' game. Despite the seven day a week schedule, he made it home from work last night just in time for a little post birthday Saturday date night in the city. Needless to say the no carbs week had basically been abandoned for good by Wednesday and never made a triumphant return! He's gone again today but I've been assured that he'll return home some day soon (!?). In the meantime though, a shout out to all single parents. Just a mere taste of your life occasionally is enough for me to bow down before you in admiration!

Today though, we're in Sunday mode. I haven't moved from the couch in two hours and I have no great plans to find motivation for anything else anytime soon. Furthermore, me and my unbrushed hair may well decide to eat too much bread just to reaffirm my carefree, lazy attitude today. After all, there's always tomorrow, right?
The whirring of that metaphorical machine will be heard again soon as we head into a new week, commencing tomorrow with an early morning choir rehearsal (hello Monday!). Either way, whatever you find yourself doing this week, I hope it's great.

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