Thursday, May 29, 2014

Judy Blume - Thirty Years On

IMAGE : THE MOTHER LOAD | Judy Blume Thirty Years On
If you're a child of the 1980's you'll probably remember these books (although they look a bit different now).

I loved Judy Blume books. They introduced a 'tweenage' me to all kinds of concepts such as self esteem, bullying, body image, friendships, the beginning of adolescence and the realities of life generally. I felt so grown up reading them; Margaret became a kindred spirit and I learnt that Sheila the Great was simply a misunderstood and frightened know-it-all.

My ten year old girl adores reading. Her head is always in a novel of some sort and it occurred to me recently that she's now at an age that she might really enjoy the Judy Blume series, just as I did. I've purchased a few of the books relevant to her age bracket but I might leave 'Forever' alone for a while - I don't think we're quite ready for the boy/girl relationship business (!).

There's something special about passing on the legacy of a cherished novel from your childhood to your own kids. I remember eagerly buying handfuls of Dr Seuss books when O was only a few months old, and then several Enid Blyton box sets well before she could even string words together. The notion of introducing her to these treasured tales and having her devour them just as I did certainly represents a wonderful and special part of being a parent to me.

So back to Judy, Margaret and Sheila. I wonder if the concepts will have dated too much? Surely, the themes and lessons within the novels are even more relevant to our 'tweens' these days given how much wiser and more advanced they are in every aspect of their lives? Well I guess time will tell - I presented her with three Blume novels this evening and she was enthusiastically lapping up the blurb from each, completely spoiled for choice. Stay tuned for the lowdown in the coming weeks (if she ever decides which one to read first).

Did you read (and love) the Judy Blume series of books? Will you share them with your kids when they're ready?

What books from your childhood have you already shared with your kids?

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