Sunday, June 29, 2014

Me And My Jawbone...


Are you a fitness band wearer? I totally am. Six months to the day, give or take. Yep - Merry Christmas to me. 

I just love my JawboneUP.

Truth be told, before I was a Jawboner, I wanted a FitBit. I wanted a FitBit because that's the only band I'd heard of, its name made perfect, rational sense and lots of other people I knew had one. Nonetheless, on Christmas morning, I unexpectedly unwrapped this thing called a Jawbone. Santa had done his own research and had decided that one was better than the other on my behalf (good one, Santa) and so the Jawbone was the result. Weird name, still can't explain it but that's what Google is for. Go forth if it's troubling you. (I prefer the mystery).   

Since Christmas Day, I've worn it religiously. The only time I take it off is to shower and even then, I lament the unrecorded steps I take between the shampoo and conditioner. Basically, this groovy wrist accessory is like a modern day pedometer on steroids; it measures your steps, counts your calories, allows you to have short naps by waking you up after a short time (yes - naps!), connects you with other teammates and friends, logs your workout and tells you lots of fun stuff about your sleep pattern. The JawboneUP also does this really cool thing where you can scan the barcode of packaged food and it'll record the calorie intake. I don't tend to use this feature all that much but I imagine it's super useful to those who are trying to be strict about their diet and nutrition.

I'm a numbers person so I love the facts and figures it provides to me let me know whether or not I'm doing enough, physically. My daily goal of 11,000 steps is usually met but I always feel disappointed when I don't reach it so it encourages me to do a bit more the next day. Just the type of personal trainer that I need (without the mouthiness and self-adoration). 

The only downside is that I love it so much that I just can't do ANYTHING without it. I mean I literally refuse to exercise unless I'm wearing it because then no data is being recorded. Is that bad? I think that's a little bit bad but regardless, it provides me with the motivation to move and that's the bottom line. Best to not overthink it. 

So if you want to get moving but need a bit of data to motivate yourself, get one of these babies. The JawboneUP24 is now available which has all sorts of nifty features including Bluetooth-y stuff and other bits. (See? Told you this wasn't a paid endorsement. No one in their right mind...!).

The JawboneUP and JawboneUP24 is available online or at the Apple Store in Australia. 

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