Sunday, July 13, 2014

Winter Holidays 2014 - Done And Dusted!

IMAGE : THE MOTHER LOAD | Winter Holidays

Okay, so maybe the above pictures aren't of us frolicking in some exotic location which requires one to pack only a passport and a string bikini, but I'd say they include pretty happy faces overall given the distinct lack of adventurous holiday destinations on our schedule this year.  During these school hols, we've managed to bunker down at the beach house and survive the cold pretty well given the insane arctic conditions Victoria is serving up currently. We've just arrived home and I feel like a bear emerging from its hibernation period thanks to the return to the miracle that is central heating.

The great thing about Facebook is that you can see how everyone else is spending their holidays and equally, the bad thing about Facebook is that you can see how everyone else is spending their holidays! Seemingly everyone on earth was posting pictures of themselves in the Maldives, Croatia, the Greek Islands, or in Disneyland so surely you can't blame for me allowing a little bit of envy to creep in as I'm madly stoking the open fire to fend off bouts of pneumonia, can you?! Having said that though, there really are worse places to be than in your pyjamas in front of a roaring fire, I reckon. That's pretty much where my kids have been for the past fourteen days (so much so that I'm now considering the long term effects of possible smoke inhalation!). At the beginning of the hols I vowed that we would rest and recuperate from a really busy term, and we've certainly done that, and not a lot more. There have been a couple of trips to the beach (to dust off cobwebs gathered from too much time spent on an iPad), too much lots of good food, lots of time spent with extended family and of course, the highlight was the arrival of Nonna's new pup, rescued close to death by a volunteer group from terrible puppy farm conditions. Despite the cold, our hearts were warmed by this bouncing ball of gratitude who has settled into her new and most fortunate life rather well (despite her penchant for eating TV remotes).

So if we can cast aside memories of the Frozen soundtrack being projected operatically in my ear every five minutes, the overwhelming desire to take a 'peace-out' selfie more often that is photographically required, and the usual bedtime shenanigans that come with two kids sharing a bedroom when it's not their usual accommodation arrangement, I'd say overall these hols were bearable. Enjoyable even. Damn cold, but largely enjoyable.

How about you? Holiday highlights? Lowlights? Feel free to share your exotic destinations here. It's fine - I'm at the other side of envy now thanks to the wonders of central heating and wireless internet.


  1. Ah Soph, you do make me laugh. It has been cold, eh? We had a really great if low key, low budget holiday too. Sometimes they are the best I reckon. You don't have to worry about feeling envious if you want to pop over and see what we've been up to, honest! In fact I think I'm a little bit green about your wintery beach and open fire, just quietly.

    1. Thanks Miss Kate! Loved your post too - you're a better planner than me! xx

  2. It is true that people often sheepishly get envious of other people’s lives as they browse through their Facebook newsfeeds. Nonetheless, I think it is equally fun spending the holidays snuggling up with loved ones instead of soaking up in the sun like everyone else. Different people have different ways to spend quality time together. I for one, do not think moving to the other side of the globe for a short getaway is all there is during the winter. There are plenty more other things besides just that.