Tuesday, August 19, 2014

ProBlogger 2014 - Here Goes....!

Eeek! I'm going on a blogger's conference. In nine days. By myself. Eeek!

I don't go anywhere on my own. I'm lucky to get a trip to the beautician without someone accompanying me, asking all kinds of questions about hot wax and pain levels. I get followed to the bathroom with such predictable regularity that even the dog manages to get the door open most of the time. Nonetheless, I'm packing a bag and heading for the Gold Coast and I'm going simply as me the "writer" (note, I put that in quotation marks because I don't really feel worthy of that title yet - maybe the conference will help me change that?).

I'm a bit nervy though. I'm not very good at walking into a crowded room without having someone to make a bee-line towards. It reminds me of starting at a new school when I was a kid. Just gotta open that door and dive right in, eh? Nothing to it. Character building, one would argue. That's what I keep telling myself.

I'm making lists as we speak. So much to think about. First and foremost there's the wardrobe consideration. The Gold Coast means warm and I can't remember the last time I was warm. No really - I can't. I'm like an old grey ghost permanently attired in a puffer jacket and it's been months and months since I was down to my skin outdoors. Exposing skin is just not something I can get my head around. Must remember to magically change the colour of forementioned skin with the assistance of a lotion of sorts. Tick.

Must also remember to pack all the damn technology. So many chargers, so few days away. Tick.

Touch of nautical for cocktail function? Not sure about that. Hard enough trying to be yourself at these things without throwing in a theme to make one feel even more unlike themselves. Still, if I do decide to embrace it there will, no doubt, be photographic evidence! Camera. Tick.

Although the learning will be the main focus of the event I'm really looking forward to meeting some of the bloggers I interact with on a daily basis. Bloggers can go years without meeting face to face if not for events such as these and I can't wait to meet some of the people I really admire.  Face to face is still my favourite way to conduct a conversation; writing helps me reach a whole bunch of people at once but by my old fashioned way of thinking, there's nothing better than one on one conversation. Remember happy and approachable face. Tick!

So - here I go. If you're a blogger and you're coming, look out for me. I'll be the awkward looking brunette who's probably used a little too much self-tanning lotion. And if you're not, I apologise in advance for all the bloggy tweets and Facebook posts I'll be doing in the coming weeks!

Let's do this. 

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  1. I'm so excited for you Soph! I hope to get there sometime. There are lots of great Blog With Pip bloggers going, so there will be lots of friendly types. I for one am looking forward to your #PBevent updates! x