Monday, November 10, 2014

November. Let's Do This.

IMAGE : THE MOTHER LOAD | November. Let's Do This
Meet my new friends above. I'm so needy and they're always there for me, no questions asked. Especially the brandy.

So! Bronchitis is a barrel of laughs isn't it? For the last two weeks I've lived somewhere between sounding like Carlotta Of Les Girls, and a pack a day emphysemic. It's not been all that fun - just ask the innocent bystanders who live with me and who have ears in good working order. I'm fairly sure I heard my six year old mutter something like, "...for the love of God." under her breath the other day after one of my thoroughly well put together coughing episodes. Can't say I blame her. I'm totally sick of me too. 

Anyway, I'm still hacking and spluttering but I'm sleeping a bit now so yay me. Celebrating the small things. 

November is a crazy month. A school camp, a school excursion, several birthdays, a school production, and various pre-Christmas functions make up the highlights package. As with most years, by November I usually feel as though I'm being dragged towards the year's end by my hair while being clubbed by a plank of wood and this year is no exception. Speaking of Christmas, surely it's still six months away? Isn't it??! Someone should tell retailers - TOO DAMN EARLY. At my local Westfield shopping centre over the weekend, there was an actual Santa* walking around ringing his bell inverting the ears of all the unsuspecting shoppers. Really Santa? Really? My visible Mrs. Jessop-like scowl sent the appropriate message that read something like "come the hell back in December, fat man". I showed him. 

Nonetheless, I'm pressing on through this month with vigour and as much enthusiasm as I can muster because curling up in the foetal position is apparently not an option. I tried it, everybody just laughed and pointed unsympathetically. So I'm back on my feet and getting shit done. 

Okay, November. Let's do this.


*Not actual Santa.

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  1. You do make me laugh Soph. Hope you are feeling better.
    For the record it is still too early for Christmas for mine. All these people with their "I've done all my Christmas shopping already" crap. I'm sorry what now? Don't even talk to me about it until at least December 1. That fake Santa totally deserved the stink eye. x