Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Squishy Marshmallow Me.......

IMAGE : PINTEREST.COM | Squishy Marshmallow Me
Since having kids, and particularly as they've reached school age, I've become such a big squishy sentimental marshmallow.

A wide variety of incidental parenting moments can set me off but nothing does it quite like a school event. It seems that whatever the occasion, as soon as I step into our school theatre to attend an assembly, presentation or production, I habitually get the lumpy throat, the stiff jaw and the teary vision before anyone has even uttered a word. It could be as simple as someone getting their music certificate or a science award; whatever is on the day's agenda, my lip always begins its uncontrollable quiver.

I'm at my worst when they run a video to music. Oh God - the power of an audio visual soundtrack! Why can't they just use the Benny Hill Theme or something? I'm pretty sure I have missed many key moments of my kids' participation in the video montages, thanks firstly to the 'Wind Beneath My Wings'-esque music and secondly as I always find myself fumbling around in my bag desperately seeking an old lipstick-smeared tissue instead of actually watching.

Over the years I've seen many kids who are close to my heart as well as my own kids feature in special moments of their schooling and as I snivel uncontrollably, it reminds of how quickly time passes (which in reality is probably at the heart of my ridiculously heightened emotion if I boil it down). Nothing goes faster than these school years and one moment your first born is doing her very first speech at the lectern as a five year old, and then suddenly her baby sister, who was once sucking from a bottle during her big sister's presentation, is dressed in that same crisp uniform, delivering HER own maiden speech. 

WHAT!? Who took away all that time??!

Parents of older kids will always tell you how fast these school years go and now as I'm living it, I know what they mean. It's like speed of light time travel that on one hand, you wish would move even faster to the next milestone but at the same time you want so desperately to retrieve; to relive the events more slowly and consciously. Given that we can't have it both ways, I guess we just need to commit to the moments and savour each and every one of them.

As I sat today and watched my last born child present her year six 'buddies' with their graduation gift, and as we farewelled these gorgeous, well-rounded young women (who appear taller than any bunch of twelve year olds I've ever seen!) I was once again reminded of my squishy marshmallow tendencies.  Adding to this, I realised that my big girl will be one of those overly tall year six girls by this time next year. 

Best we buy some shares in Kleenex for that momentous occasion.

Have you become a big squishy sentimental marshmallow like me since having kids? If so, what sets you off the most? Tell me your weaknesses below!


  1. Yes! Yes! Last year when my daughter was doing her transition into Prep we parents had to watch various presentations from teachers and students about what our new school life was going to entail. When the then Grade 6's made there speeches about their memories of Prep and their reflections on what the school meant the them I was a mess. My kid wasn't even in school yet. She wasn't even in the room. I didn't even know any of these kids. What is that about? Marshmallow? Hell to the yes.

    1. That is SO me, OneSmallLife. Just so you know, it doesn't fade. You seem to get more pathetic and blubbery as the years speed by!! x

  2. Well, I do have to say FGD, I was bit close to bursting with pride when you graduated from uni yourself!
    I still remember the lump in my throat.
    AND, just the sight of your two lights up my life! Never mind anything else.
    xxx your dotty FGM