Sunday, January 18, 2015

NGV Summer Children's Festival 2015

IMAGE : THE MOTHER LOAD | NGV Summer Children's Festival


Last week was one of those annoying groundhog day weeks where every day kinda imitates the one before. Wake at the same time, shower, have in depth discussions about who's having what for breakfast, nag about fresh air and sunshine and basically enjoy the finer points of parenting all day until it all starts again the following day. By Saturday, I was ready to quietly climb out a window and run far, far away. (Instead, after hearing "Mum, I'm bored" for the 112th time, I screamed into a pillow for five seconds and felt much better).

By Sunday, it was more than time to get out of the house, have a 'Minecraft' RDO (rostered day off), and to see Melbourne in its usual finery. As part of that plan, we dropped in to the National Gallery Of Victoria Summer Children's Festival.

The Festival is great and it's all about art, craft, storytelling and fashion activities for kids of all ages. I thought Miss 11 might feel too old or too cool. She loved it. I thought Miss 6 might be too young. It was perfect for her. We helped iconic fashion designer Linda Jackson create a large scale opal-inspired billabong and we made wearable creatures with Cat Rabbit using cut-outs, colour and embroidery. We also managed a saunter around the iconic areas of the gallery and surprisingly Miss 6 kept enough composure NOT to get asked to leave. Bonus! (Aww...she's growing up. So proud).

We then ate Yum Cha from a hipster food truck out the front and that was the only bit we paid for. We felt totally smug about that.

So if you're madly trying to schedule entertaining and inexpensive activities to prevent the kids from burying their heads in devices (or each other) all day, get along to the National Gallery of Victoria Summer Children's Festival. It's ace. They'll love it, and it's free. Mum - 1 Minecraft - 0. Win!

The Festival runs until 26th January 2015 and program details can be found here. NGV Summer Children's Festival.

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  1. Yes! We went to this yesterday and it was totally AWESOME! And FREE. So worth capitalising. And it's like educational because, like art n' stuff. The Gallery is the best. Did you get to level three? There is a super cool fish net/ birds nest installation that you can climb in. It has a little bed type thing in the middle. I actually felt really zen and relaxed after I emerged. I swear I could have stayed there all day, if it wasn't for the call of the char sui bau. x