Friday, February 13, 2015

Hello, Friday Night....

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Made it and not a moment too soon. Forget the two junior members of the family - I'm totally spent from a huge week and if it was age appropriate I'd have thrown myself on the floor, my arms and legs would be flailing and I would be releasing a high pitched screech by now. Instead, I've loaded a spoonful of Nutella into my gob - clearly that's how I tantrum in my forties. Sarah Wilson would be so proud. 

This week we've had spotty throats and blocked noses. That's how we display a lull in immunity and a distinct lack of personal resilience around here. If there's something even the slightest bit amiss with either of my girls, I have to sit through a variety of lengthy and dramatic soliloquies about the worst of pain and the most desperate of tummy aches. I put their episodes of dramatic hypochondria down to them being girls but I'll stand corrected if there are any boys out there who display an equal amount of unrelenting angst.  Nonetheless, miraculously Miss Six managed to pull up her socks and find the resilience to attend school today "because I just love school *sniff, sob*" (or at least I think that's what she said through the overly orchestrated croaky voice she was able to maintain as she staggered to the car like Jesus walking the Stations Of The Cross).

Sleep has been a big focus in our house this week. The sounds of Miss Six still chatting away to herself and then shouting randomly at the doddery dog at 9.00pm was completely doing my head in and I'm sure as a result doing her teachers head in too as she politely smiled at me and said more than once, "she seems a little tired today". So we did a 'device detox' (how good is that expression?! Proudly brought to you by one of our favourite teachers who clearly knows her six year old stuff!). The 'device detox' not only gave a break from a mild case of screen dependence, but it also doubled as a strong enough incentive for eventually achieving sleep by 8.15pm. It took a few nights but we got there in the end - the doddery dog was still yelled at even as Miss Six was heading into dreamland but I guess old habits die hard.

So - Friday night! Tea, wine, chocolate, rain, blogging and a movie. It's the small things, don't you think? Hope your week was good and if not that you have immediate access to Nutella if it's required.

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