Monday, February 9, 2015

Spiritually Speaking......

IMAGE: THE MOTHER LOAD | Spiritually Speaking
Hi! Remember me? I've been a bit sporadic lately. The beginning of 2015 has seen me balancing precariously on a knife's edge to be honest. Picture that guy who walks a thin line across incredibly high crevasses wearing those funny ballet slippers and you get a sense of where I'm at except instead of that long balancing pole he carries, I'm carrying shopping bags. Always the damn shopping bags.

You know when there's stuff happening, it's big and life changing, and really it's not just your stuff to share, but also other people's? Well mostly it's our stuff but let's just say I'm hoping that lots of heavy, oversized jigsaw pieces fall into place very soon and I can come down off the high wire. I don't want to jinx a positive resolution by opening my big mouth and declaring my needs and wants to all so instead, I'm calling on the universe privately to show a little kindness and guidance and I'm promising to do the same in return. REALLY promising. I'll happily become Mother Flippin' Teresa if I need to.

Do you ever make deals with the universe? I do it almost every night. I'm not especially religious; I'm not a churchy type but I'm certainly not an atheist. I put stuff out there in a silent conversation and I feel like I'm talking to a culmination of all my loved ones who are up there looking down on me, guiding me and helping me with my choices when I need it. It may sound weird to some, and childish to others but my silent nightly conversation gives me a decent dose of reassurance, and I figure it can't hurt. Do you have somewhere to turn when you need guidance and a little spiritual reassurance? Just wondering. Maybe it's just me who has these silent chats, but I doubt it. 

Religion is a funny thing. I don't feel any real connection or staunch loyalty to a God (or similar) but I get it. I certainly don't get religious conflict or demands from one religion to another, but I get the sense of comfort religion brings, especially when times are challenging. I understand the love of rosary beads; I feel comfort by fiddling with something smooth in my hands that is connected to some kind of reassurance. I love hanging out in churches for their architecture, their sense of calm and whatever divinity they represent. (And I really get the whole wine and bread thing - I love bread and everyone loves wine). I imagine that most people who aren't especially fixed on one belief or another have their own personal version of 'religion' because really there's nothing concrete to suggest it's one thing or another is there? Surely our imaginations have to conjure up some of the spiritual rules to suit ourselves, right? Makes me think that maybe atheists just don't have the propensity to complete the pieces or the desire to find guidance outside of themselves - and that's totally okay for them. 

Anyway, I've been a little absent here lately; perhaps even a little paralysed atop my high wire. I'm going to try and be more present from now on because writing feels a little bit a part of my own personal spiritual guidance in a weird way. The writing happens sometimes without a lot of thought or planning (that's probably obvious!) and simply an urge takes over, the words come often as though being written by someone else, and I read it back and feel 'healed', spiritually speaking.  And that's straightforward, good guidance in my book. 


  1. Yes! I write to reflect as well. I've had a similarly themed blog post brewing in my head and I just sat down to write it this morning when yours popped up! I know exactly where your head is at my friend. We all have an inner desire to connect with something greater than ourselves. For me it doesn't need a name or a church and I find it in the moments of stillness and reflection that seem to exist within every spiritual tradition. Some people find it running, pulling weeds, doing yoga - whatever it takes to slow your thinking down, empty your mind and reconnect with YOU. I'm trying to commit 5 minutes a day to simply sit with my eyes closed in meditation. It's definitely the year for it - many people I know are slowing down and seeking answers within. Speaking of which, I'm must go see what kind of guidance my fingers will tap out for me today. All I can say is I'm so glad I learned to touch type, cos I could never keep up with my inner chatter with only 2 finger tapping!

    1. I love your comment, Em. Thanks for taking the time and you're right - so many of us likeminded beings are becoming more spiritually aware currently. Please write your version and point it in my direction - can't wait to read your take on the subject. Xx

    2. Em... "We all have an inner desire to connect with something greater than ourselves". Not all of us. ;) I assume you aren't talking about people as the focus of that connection, as we all have that and it isn't particularly spiritual. I certainly don't have any desire to connect with something in a spiritual sense, although I guess I have felt that in regards to the natural environment at some times in the past.

      As you two know (I think), I'm an atheist, so can give you that perspective. From my point of view, reading what you have both written, I don't see anything spiritual (i.e. greater than the sum of the parts, for lack of a better definition). I just see two people who use self-reflection to moderate your thouhts. This sounds a lot like "mindfullness" and being aware of the present, perhaps. Aside from the Buddhist angle, this is a fairly well adopted psychological method for dealing with problems and negative thinking etc. I.e. Science! It works, b#tches!! :p (that's actually a saying that a famous atheist once said. I just remember who. But I'm not literally calling you two B's, ok? :) ).