Monday, June 8, 2015

Dreaming Of There (And Not Here)

IMAGE : THE MOTHER LOAD | Dreaming Of There (And Not Here)
We've had lots of the proverbial shit-up-hill day to day stuff lately, and it got me thinking. I sooo need a holiday!!!

Truthfully, there's almost nothing I wouldn't give to be in the photo above right now. Winter has set in here (I hate winter), life is a bit one step forward, two steps back and therefore I'm craving the warmth of the sun and the simplicity of decisions that revolve around which ice cream flavour to choose or whether the day requires beach or pool time. (Sun, ice cream and water fixes most things for me).  I long to feel warmth on my feet, hear the sound of my kids happily playing at the beach and have a few lighthearted conversations for a change.  Who's with me? Anyone else feeling the same?

Among the larger challenges of life currently, my five year old laptop met its maker last week. (Surely five years old counts as fifty years old in technology years?). It didn't fully die as such, but it died enough to make completing my new job successfully near impossible. Then, this week, as luck would have it, our heating died. Again not fully dead, but dead enough to come on only once a day and spew significant amounts of carbon monoxide into our bedrooms like the silent killer that it is. So - dead without negotiation as far as I'm concerned.

And to top things off just nicely, yesterday I woke up and my iPhone was dead(ish). I know - some three stage karma coming at me for obvious misgivings in a previous life, right? Clearly somewhere through the ages I was the Hitler equivalent in the philanthropy stakes.  Thankfully, a trip to Apple and a very simple hand trick by the skinny hipster consultant had it operating again in ten seconds. Would have kissed him if not for the beardy crumbs.

So once again, two steps backward, one step forward.

This pattern of annoying and expensive incidents pretty much sums up the tone of things over the last twelve months in the 'annoyingly bad luck' stakes. (I won't even mention the replacement of three car tyres in one go thanks to the twit who deliberately threw tacs on a local road a fortnight ago!). Yes - I know.  I'm whingeing a little bit but the list is getting hilariously long and you'd totally agree and laugh with me if I shared it with you.  Having said that, outta these life lessons I've learned a few things about my own approach. These days instead of freaking out and doing the 'woe is me' dance (which I know I would have done once upon a time), I now have the useful ability to simply roll my eyes, chalk it up as yet another thing, add it to the list, and deal with it quietly as best I can. Less drama, less bravado, same end result. Better for everyone, including me I'd say.

Anyway, I'm hoping my recent misgivings are enough reincarnated karma for now? Maybe those karma Gods might consider sending me away on a little beachy retreat sometime soon instead? One can only hope...! *pulls rug up to chin and sighs despondently*.

Have a great week!

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