Tuesday, December 8, 2015

An Era Ends!

IMAGE : A WYATT | An Era Ends!

I'm sitting here tonight, dog tired from all the school festivities and annoying grown up responsibilities of the past month and I'm feeling somewhat blissfully reflective and proud of my first born gal who has happily and triumphantly finished her primary school years today. 

It only seems like only a couple of years ago when she stepped foot into the school grounds for the first time as a four year old kinder girl who looked up at me and said, "You're not coming in are you, Mum?". Back then, she was a curious and distractable being who was unable to sit still or to focus on one thing at a time - like most pre-schoolers I guess. But as each year passed and she was blessed with one teacher or another (all of whom made a significant positive impact regardless of whether she realised it at the time),  elements of her grown up self began to steadily emerge like a colourful pair of wings.  I feel so happy with how the pages of this chapter we call childhood are fluttering closed and I'm really proud of the type of girl she has become - confident, kind and smart - as she moves forward into this next phase of her life.  

Granted I'm a little soppy tonight and yes, I realise you've suddenly found yourself front and centre of my total brag-a-thon but as her mum I think she's awesome and even if no one else reads this, I have written it simply for me, for her, for others who love her and to somehow officiate this special milestone in our family's journey as only I know how.

Soon her next chapter begins. In 2016 senior school commences and although she's ready on paper, I wonder how these big fish will cope suddenly becoming little fish in a big pond once more. I suspect there may be unrest, perhaps some fear and  angst, but I'm also confident that she's armed with the tools needed overcome whatever is thrown her way. And if not, I suspect the five minute chat before bedtime will become a part of our nightly routine once more. (And for me, well there's always caffeine or gin and we can only hope they're not required simultaneously).

"Remember me, even if it's only in a corner or in secret. Never let me go".  Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

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  1. You certainly now how to make your old FGM choke up! So proud of my no 1 God Daughter & her two daughters.
    Much love always