Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Conscience Versus Codeine...

IMAGE : MORGUEFILE.COM | Conscience Vs. Codeine
Just as I was beginning to boast about having survived winter without one cough or cold to speak of, WHAMMO. In it came to teach me a lesson that sometimes even my paranoid hand washing and love of antibacterial liquids can't protect me from an apparent tsunami of kiddie germs. Seven days in bed, two Dr's visits, drugs (not the fun kind) and plenty of drips and sniffs and I'm finally upright again. Woop! *cough, splutter*. So while in a codeine-fuelled haze (how innocent people don't get murdered thanks to this drug I don't know), I wrote a somewhat bitter and twisted piece about this damn election, why the whole thing is driving me crazy and how I have a strong desire to stick my head in the sand and wish it away.  The post provided witty, dry criticism of Kev's egocentric selfies (which I still say are maddening for what it's worth), Tony's evil and dangerous old boys' thinking, Clive's ludicrous plan to spend $200M on building a replica Titanic, and Julian's plan to rule the country from the four walls of the Ecuadorian Embassy and yet, I haven't yet been able to hit the 'publish' button. Why? Because when you boil it down, it's mean spirited. 

Yes. I discovered what I'm assuming is my writer's conscience, something I didn't know existed within me. Most bloggers will preach that if you don't write from the heart and show your honest self, you're not doing it properly. I tend to agree and I vow to always share honestly but I also think there's a fine line between one's honest opinion and tipping over into becoming a nasty internet troll who aims to bring other's down for the sake of a laugh, or making a point.  Since writing the unpublished post, (and coming off the almighty and evil codeine) I have discovered this fine line and have also given a bit of thought to the people attached to our potential leaders. While I have many criticisms of those in the spotlight, truth be told I quite like Therese Rein and even Kev's daughter Jess Rudd who is probably just like me in many ways. How do they really feel reading some of the stuff that gets written about someone they love, even if we don't? And Tony's ever-smiling daughters - how does it feel for them to have their Dad slandered day in and day out, not just for political gain but often for pure 'entertainment'?  Granted, he needs to stop parading around in his Speedos, but surely you get my point?

I guess, whatever my views on the candidates and this God forsaken election, I just decided that I don't really want to be one of the people adding to the thickening of one's skin unnecessarily especially if it's someone who hasn't necessarily chosen the life in the public cross-hairs of criticism. I'm sure by now, various skins are thick enough. 

No more codeine for me. *sticks self - righteous head back in the sand*.


  1. When I hear codeine, all I can say is Hello Fibre Gel!

    As for the election - I just don't know how we ended up with these as our options.

    1. Agree with all of the above, C. First time I've been overwhelmingly glum about whatever result next Saturday's election throws at us. Either way, I feel like we're kinda screwed and I don't know anyone who feels different. x