Saturday, September 20, 2014

To Be Or Not To Be? Don't Ask Me.....

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Decisions are so not my thing. 

My Mum says I've always been bad at making decisions - even the battle between a vegemite or peanut butter sandwich used to throw my head into a spin when I was a kid and I've been that way ever since. (Remember when we used to be allowed to take peanut butter to school? I know - those were the days).

Some decisions are small (aka peanut butter or vegemite) and some are life-altering. I tend to give equal amounts of attention to either size which means that a huge amount of my head space is wrapped up in a virtual two column scenario of pros and cons. I stand in line at the supermarket checkout silently pondering the big questions - if I go down this path, will this happen? What if I take the alternative route? Will I regret not taking the other?? Etc etc. I continuously recreate my own alternative scenes in my head like the plot from 'Sliding Doors' (minus the cute Scotsman, the Gwyneth P makeover and her cool late 90s hair cut).

Back at the supermarket queue - what if..? Should I..? Could I...?

Anyway, there are some big decisions floating around in our house this month. Kinda life-altering ones so there's much brain frying taking place in not only our own silent thoughts but also those thoughts shared between the grown ups. If we, do we, should we..? Admittedly these aren't life or death decisions but they're pretty big life choices which have been forced into view. Choices about happiness and choices about how we live going forward.

Thankfully, my other half and I are pretty good at nutting things out together. We're generally on the same page when it's all said and done and we've never faced a situation where we're locked in a tug-o-war about where we head to next. It's a relief to know that whatever difficult decisions require a resolution that I'm not going to have to state my case in front of an opposed domestic prosecutor as such; we generally reach the appropriate decision together which makes the tough ones a little easier. It's SO good in fact, that sometimes I can do that girly thing and say, "I don't mind - you decide". That's usually about take away food choices though, not the really big stuff and God forbid if he tries that cop out tactic on me!

Now though there's some stuff we have to decide together and although we'll no doubt reach a resolution, a lot is riding upon making the right choice. To be or not to be? Don't ask me. So many questions.  I wish it was all just peanut butter and vegemite. I've gotten better at those simple ones.

How about you? Are you a solid decision maker or like me, do you falter at every turn? Do you and your other half do it well together or is it often one big game of tug-o-war?

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