Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ten Things I've Learned This Week...

IMAGE : THE MOTHER LOAD | Ten Things I've Learned This Week
Like many others, we're on school holidays.

I usually equate the holidays to that age old expression, "it was the best of times, it the worst of times" but so far there's been more best than worst thankfully. Having said that, there's still a week and a half to go so I won't be making too many rash holiday statements at this stage. Damn it feels good to sleep in and not have to do school lunches every day though, doesn't it? Almost worth home-schooling just for that. (Clearly I'm throwing my head back and laughing madly into the air right about now. As if). 

Quite randomly, here are ten things I have learned this week:

1. A new fresh hairstyle on a kid can make them feel like a new human being. They will suddenly have a very healthy ego and they'll adore gazing at themselves in the mirror. Funnily enough, they may also behave in a more mature manner but a) I'm not going to guarantee that and b) I'm pretty sure this new found characteristic is not permanent. In fact, the wheels are falling off as we speak.

2. The world is filled with unnecessary unrest and I'm ready to just get the hell off the ride, to be honest. This awful unrest continues to grow and it feels that one day soon there will be some unimaginable climactic event that will force us to reassess our comfortable existence. We've been the lucky country for too long and we are indeed very lucky by comparison but I firmly believe we've worked hard at keeping that title. I choose, for now however, to avoid the horror of the unrest as best I can and hide away with my kids for as long as possible.

3. A good family with a strong sense of decency and a rocking sense of humour is priceless. I have a family like that and we are all present for each other whatever the circumstances, with a casserole, a bottle of wine and a good laugh. I have such great people around me who call when it's needed and who make me snort my cuppa in riotous laughter often. For that I'm super grateful. 

4. If Taylor Swift uses the word 'hater' in her latest song, then apparently it's perfectly acceptable for it to be woven into almost every sentence by a mouthy six year old. (Thanks Tay Tay). 

5. If you have many ideas and goals swirling around in your head, then you should put fear aside and take the necessary steps to make these goals happen to the best of your ability. Whether you succeed or fail, at least you've tried your all and there will be nothing left to regret. (I'm trying, universe - I'm trying).

6. Cancer is a total bitch. Nuff said. 

7. Ignorance really is bliss when it comes to kids. Sunshine and butterflies is actually a specific mental state I strongly subscribe to and I intend to keep my kids there for as long as I'm able. No point getting small heads to deal with grown up issues if they don't need to. Sometimes it's shit being a grown up. I've learned that recently too.

8. Nothing lasts forever. Seemingly perfect lives and the notion of "having it all" usually comes with a best before date. Change is inevitable and one must be prepared at anytime to don the wetsuit, wax the board and ride that wave. And if you can do it with style, then all the better.

9. No matter how hard you try and how clear you are about your best intentions, you will often be misunderstood by people who are looking for you to slip up and who can't see the reasons why you do the things you do. And it's okay to let people go if the work is just too difficult. Once again, the 'do it with style' rule applies.

10. I've learned a lot of deep stuff this week.

Hope your week has been great. Share something you've learned below - if you want. (Truthfully, I much prefer the lessons learned by other people to my own).


  1. That's a lot of learnings. Point 2 is worrying me a bit today too. Ok, more than a bit.

    1. Hey Claire - thanks for your comment. I've played down my worry a bit - it's downright scary and it's proving to be quite a distraction in my head. Come and join me as I stick my head in the sand if you like. xxx

  2. Wow, it's been a big week of learning for you! I have something very trivial to add to my list of learning this week - there's a little button on my keyboard that, when bashed at random by my toddler, leads to the internet being turned off. Eeeeek!

    1. Oh Kylie! There should be no button in existence that eliminates the internet that easily! Your comment did make me laugh though - thanks for stopping by x

  3. Lots of learning! I agree with number 7 wholeheartedly! Kids should be worrying about who touched their Lego last, and what type of tea their teddies like to drink at tea parties

    1. Absolutely, Sheridan. Lego and tea parties - dilemmas for a modern day kid. Wish it was that simple for us grown ups too!