Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2016 - A Snapshot To Date

Welcome to 2016! I hope the year has started well for you - mine certainly has given we've spent most of our time beach side. We're slowly easing back into normality and with that in mind I can't believe in less than three weeks we're back into a new school year once more. Didn't I JUST wash those damn lunchboxes???! Anyway, the school shoes are done and that's enough for now until the books arrive sometime next week. Let's just hang here in denial for a bit longer, OK?

In January 2014 I was inspired by the lovely Nikki Parkinson at Styling You to post my snapshot of the year so far. (My original version is here). Two years on, I've decided to repeat the post as it's a lovely way to capture the holiday vibe and tuck away the memories for another year.

Let's do this!

So far in 2016, I'm:

IMAGE : THE MOTHER LOAD | Soda Stream Love
Making: Plans. Big ones. I'm hoping I can bring them to fruition. Insert motivational quote here like "Always chase your dreams instead of running from your fears." Or something.

Cooking: As little as possible these holidays. I've lost my cooking mojo and I'm hoping to get it back soon. (Who's for fish and chips AGAIN?!).

Drinking: Soda water. How good is a Soda Stream? I love mine with a twist of lemon. I'm such a cheap date.

Reading: Too much news - urgh. There's so much fear and hideousness in the world currently isn't there? As a result I can hardly bear the thought of my oldest walking to school this year. Hold me.

Wanting: Things to be more straightforward and steady this year. Said this in 2014, saying it again. LOUDLY!

Looking: Forward to seeing my big girl commence senior school in three weeks. Eeek! 

Playing: Fish and Snap. A lot. Actually, it's my mum who's playing mostly but let's just pretend I have the patience for continuous card games with children, OK? (Kill me).

Deciding: Whether or not we're ready for a new dog in the family - it's been six months since we said goodbye to our HoneyBear. Can't imagine I'll ever be ready to replace her....

Wishing: I had discovered the self-opening. self-closing rubbish bin years ago. (Hey - I never said this list was going to be ground-breaking). 

Enjoying: No school lunches. Woop! (Although the new bin DOES make lunches a little  easier...see above).

Waiting: For the damn school books to arrive so I can turn myself in knots with contact and name labels. *sigh*.

Liking: my sleep ins! Late to bed, late to rise is a novelty for now. Back to 6.30am in three weeks and counting.

Wondering: Why the hell my Fitbit hasn't registered more steps by the end of each day cos I'm goddamn exhausted! Hello? Is this thing on?

Loving: Some decent beach time this summer - we've had some great days on the sand watching the girls surf on their boogie boards.
IMAGE : THE MOTHER LOAD | Beach Side Happiness

Pondering: Renovation vs. selling & buying. I know - doing neither would be the best case scenario but sadly that option is not feasible. Urgh to all options!

Considering: What I do best and how to do it professionally in 2016.

Watching: Lots of funny dog videos. When I spend my summer hols with my mum, it's tradition for us to be hunched over an iPhone sniggering at hilarious pooches. 

Hoping: My professional year ahead will be filled with freedom, balance, joy and goal-kicking. And coffee. Lots of coffee.

Marvelling: At anyone who has achieved the above.

Needing: To learn how to meditate again. It's a long forgotten yet useful art that I know I would benefit from.

Smelling: The pack of mini Katie Perry fragrances I gave my twelve year old for Christmas. They're all smell like the inside of a stale lolly bag.

Wearing: Denim shorts, singlet tops and thongs. Every. Single. Day. I know - high fashion. *waves a sad goodbye to the fashion bloggy followers*.

IMAGE : THE MOTHER LOAD | High Fashion Footwear
Following: @dear_melanoma on Insta and admiring her positive spirit and great outlook. 

Noticing: How quickly my kids are growing up before my eyes. I can literally blink and wonder who is standing in front of me inches taller than five minutes ago. Must be all the food they're devouring. *runs to supermarket yet again*.

Knowing: The pretty much anything can be overcome with the right attitude. Note to self: need to rediscover the find the right attitude - I left it around here somewhere.

Thinking: Waaaay too much, waaay too deeply as usual. Think this will change in 2016? I'll give it some thought....

Feeling: The roller coaster between anxiety and happiness gaining a little more control.

Admiring: My two Acapulco replica chairs I bought for the front verandah. $28.00 each and they haven't yet showed any signs of collapsing - WIN!

IMAGE : THE MOTHER LOAD | Acapulco Chair Happiness
Sorting: Through endless amounts of washing after beach trips. My kids throw stuff in the washing basket to avoid putting things away - yours?

Buying: So much food....it's like feeding two starved warthogs. Where the hell is it all going?!

Getting: Sick of dragging kids to the supermarket every five bloody minutes.

Bookmarking: Lots of resources on managing social media effectively. Plenty of bedtime reading and it helps you nod right off!!

Disliking: The fact that my hair is now so grey that I have to disguise this ghastly feature every fortnight otherwise I look like a balding budgie.

Opening: The door to a few possibilities in 2016, slowly and one at a time.

Giggling: Less than I should but appreciating that feeling of happiness when I do. 

Why not try this list for yourself? Happy 2016!

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  1. I received a Sodastream for Christmas and love the sparking water. I don't like the flavors that came with it though, as they are not very nice and we did use cut up lemons, but that is a pain sometimes and not always convenient.

    But we did find this great little Australian product called Flavr, which is a tiny small 10ml bottle, but seems to be very concentrated, as it seemed to last forever over the holidays!(We bought 3 flavors). The site is www.flavr.com.au, but the site says it's getting built or something, but they have a shop on Facebook.. We bought ours in an IGA, but that was near the holiday house and I haven't found a shop locally yet, but will contact them to see where they have it.