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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Pet Fret! It's A Thing!

IMAGE : THE MOTHER LOAD | Pet Fret! It's A Thing!
Confession time. I have a serious case of 'pet fret' currently.

Is there perhaps a support group for those who long to have a furry companion but just can't? Surely there are others out there who also suffer from pet fret? There should be a support group. We need to come together and work through this unfortunate vacancy in our lives!

I'm all over dogs like a flea-bite rash at the moment. I think I may have a set of doggy ovaries in me somewhere as every time I see a dog something aches inside me and I make a desperate bee-line for the poor unsuspecting animal showering them in over-zealous pats and gushy doggy dialogue.  What have I become now that I'm no longer a pet owner? A crazy pet stalker lady - that's what! 

In my lifetime, I've never been without a furry companion and boy, have I had some great ones. Cats, dogs, horses, sheep - I've had them all and they were all significant members of my family (even Betty Bantam did alright at holding her position in our brood). And now, I find myself pet free for the past six months after we said goodbye to our beloved Honey (read my tale of unfortunate farewells here) and although my hallway is free from the hairy tumbleweeds that used to frequent our entrance and my grocery bill is a little cheaper, my heart is emptier without a quiet wet-nosed companion tangling around my feet as I attempt to move from room to room. I miss the quiet tap tapping of nails padding up and down the hallway checking the status of various family members. I miss the slow, rhythmic sound of dog snores at my feet as I type away at my computer. I even miss flipping over the damn water bowl for the umpteenth time, then slipping in the spillage in clean socks. (Actually I only miss that a little bit but you get my point).

And while I would like to adopt one (or many) of the dogs I obsessively pore over on Pet Rescue each day, sadly for me and my doggy ovaries there are several reasons why we can't just go out a satisfy my longing for another K9 companion right now. So in the meantime, I will continue my crazy dog lady behaviour and if I happen to run into you and your beloved pet in the street, please forgive the inordinate amount of time I may spend stroking your dog and looking lovingly into its black beady eyes. I'm just soaking up some of it's unconditional love. OK?